This is the list of Ads Places created by you. Each Ads Place can contain the set of contained Ads.

Ads Places Data Table


ID – unique Id of current Ads Place

Place Name – The name and description of Ads Place.

Size – The size of the contained ads.

Hits – number of impressions of default ad.

Total Hits – The sum of impressions of the default and the contained ads.

Total Ads – number of the contained ads

Earningscalculated revenue from ads.

Row Menu

Each row of the table contains the menu available on mouse hover.

Edit – open Ads Place Editor.

Delete – move Ads Place to trash

View Ads – view the list of the contained ads (see below)

New Ad – create new Ad and open Ad Editor

Restore – remove Ads Place from trash

Remove permanently – remove this Ads Place permanently


Add New Place – create new Ads Place and open Ads Place Editor

Reset Statistics – Clearing statistics outside the keeping period. The data within the keeping period specified by the plugin parameters will not be affected by this action.

Ads Data Table


ID – unique Id of current ad

Advertisement – the name and description of current Ad

Activity – ad is an active if it is not in trash and its weight is not 0.

Hits – the number of Ad impressions this month

Clicks – the number of Ad clicks this month.

Earningscalculated revenue from ad

Row Menu

Edit – open Ad Editor

Delete – move Ad to trash

Restore – remove Ad from trash

Remove permanently – remove this Ad permanently


Add New Ad – create new Ad and open Ad Editor

Back to Ads Places Management – go to the Ads Places Management page (see above)

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