Place (Ad Place) is an object that is a virtual representation of the physical place on the page, which will show ads linked to this Place. This object includes all the properties and methods necessary for displaying and rotation of all attached ads. This is the main object of the SAM Pro Lite plugin that provides its functionality. You can set the required property values you want for each instance of the object using the Place Editor.


Name – name of Place Object. If you want to sell ad space at this Place, you should give it the name that is friendly to a potential advertiser.

Description – If you want to sell this place, you have to describe it in details. Potential advertisers must know what they buy.

Parameters Tabs



Ads Place Size

You can choose the size of the ads from the drop-down list of predefined sizes. If you want to define your own values of width and height, you should choose “Custom Size” and define these values.


Here you can to define leading and trailing parts of tag that you want to place around Ads Place tags. Any valid HTML tags and codes are allowed.

Helpers – you can use predefined HTML tags for aligning Ads Place in the container (widget, content, etc.). Aligning to center, left and right are available.

Default Ad

The Default Ad will be shown only if the logic of the plugin can not afford to show any of the linked ads on the current page of the document (all linked ads are expired, no ads for show by internal logic of ads, etc.).

Select type of Default Ad tags from Image, Code or Google DFP.



Image – URL of ad banner. Select button – Clicking this button will open WordPress Media Library dialog where you can select already uploaded banner image or upload and select new banner image.

Target – target URL of ad banner. Target this Default Ad to the Advertising Request page (see Settings) if you sell this advertising space.

Alternative Text – alternative text of ad banner.



Default Ad Code – here you can define HTML, javascript and PHP scripts for using as ad code.

This is the set of inlines ads – if this Place object contains inline ads, check this checkbox.

PHP script – If this code of ad contains PHP script, turn on this checkbox.

This is one-block code of third-party AdServer rotator – Selecting this checkbox prevents displaying linked ads. Only for your own use. Do not use for selling advertising space.

Google DFP


DFP Block Name – Insert name of Google DFP block. All your Google DFP data should be filled on the settings page.



Selling Parameters

For Sale – Check this box if you want to sell this advertising space. If the box is checked, this advertising space will be displayed in a table of available selling spaces, and will be available for selection in the form of the request for advertising.

Select mode of sale:

  • Space – You sale space of Ads Place. Advertiser can place here so much ads as he wants.
  • Each Ad – You sell each ad individually. The advertiser pays for each ad linked to this advertising space.

Selling Price – set cost of this advertising space.

Campaign Start Date, Campaign Finish DateSet the time range of the campaign.

Each Ad

Selling Price – the price for each ad that is placed to this ad slot.

Linked Ads


These are the ads linked to this Ads Place.

Only single row selection is allowed. Ordering by ID/Name/Description/Weight/Status is allowed.

Toolbar Buttons


edit-button – Edit selected Linked Ad. You can edit only weight of Linked Ad.

save-button – Save changes.

cancel-button – Cancel changes.

unlink-button – Unlink (delete) selected Linked Ad.

edit-ad-button – Edit Ad linked to this Place by selected Linked Ad Object.

refresh-button – Refresh grid data.

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