The Block is acts as the collector. Simply put, it is a grid, each element of which is the output object of plugin (Place, Ad or Zone).

You can specify the number of rows of the block and the number of elements in each row. Then you can assign the output object for each element of the Block (grid).


Name – the name of Block object.

Description – the description of Block object. This description is not used anywhere and is added solely for the convenience of managing advertisements.

Block Structure

Rows – defines a number of rows in the block structure.

Items per Row – defines a number of elements for each row in the block structure.

After changing these properties you should save the Block settings before using the Items Editor.


Since the Block is the regular structure, predefined styles of individual items for drawing elements of Block aren’t used. Define styles for elements of Block here.

Block Style – style of tag of Block container.

Block’s Item Style – the style of each element of Block.

Use Stylesheet rules for defining these properties.

For example:  background: url(sheep.png) center bottom no-repeat;  for the background or/and  border: 5px solid red;  for the border property, etc. Use the semicolon to separate parameters.

Items Editor

Items Editor

Items Editor

Here you can assign output object (Ad, Place, Zone) for each element of Block.

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