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Individual Ad Chart

Starting with version SAM Pro Lite plugin generates personalized statistics page for each advertiser. In order to, this page became available for advertisers, you need to create a new page in your blog and register it in the plugin’s settings as page to display statistics.

You must use special short codes [sam_pro_adv_name]  and [sam_pro_stats_pane]  on this page. These short codes will only work on this page and only after you register this page in the settings of the plugin.

How to use…

1. Create new page (left admin sidebar: Pages->New Page). Set title for page (any which you like). Publish page.


2. Visit plugin’s settings page. Set the created page as Advertiser Statistics Page. Save settings.


3. Return to the page editor. Type any text that you want. To enter special shortcodes use the drop-down menu of the button that appears in the toolbar of editor. This button is available only when editing the Advertiser Statistics Page.


Do not use editor’s “Preview” button for testing Advertiser Statistics Page. Use button “Test Statistics Page” on the plugin’s settings page. This provides the testing with an proper options (your own data).

If you plan to sell your blog advertising channels only for national advertisers, you can translate strings of the Advertiser Statistics Page to your language. You can do this in the settings page of the plugin on the “short codes” tab.

Every time you approve advertisements for use on your blog pages, the advertiser receives email from you with notifying him of this. It will be the good idea to insert link to the his individual Statistics Page into this email. You can do it on the settings page of plugin, tab «Tools», section «Approving Mail».


Note: The advertiser is defined by a pair of nickname and mailbox. Advertisers with the same nickname and different mailboxes are different advertisers.

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