SAM Pro Lite

Ads management system for WordPress

SAM Pro (Lite Edition)

SAM Pro Lite is the easy to use plugin that provides a flexible logic of displaying advertisements.

Flexible Logic

Flexible logic of the banners rotation based on the ad weight and the restrictions.


Two types of the ad rotation (by page refresh and by timer).


Interface of the administrative pages is modern, intuitive, user friendly and easy-to-use.

Third Party Ad Servers

You can use any third party ads from stand alone advertising aggregators like this Google Adsense ad.

Restrictions and Limitations


  • Scheduling and limitations by impressions/clicks. Total, monthly, weekly, daily limitations for impressions and clicks are available.
  • Restrictions by the site page types.
  • Restrictions by posts/pages ids, categories, tags, custom taxonomies terms, custom post types.



Use only rules you want


Use only those rules that you really need. This will make requests of the plugin more compact and actions of the plugin more faster.





Geo Targeting


Three level geotargeting (country, region, city) based on web services (MaxMind, DB-IP) or your own database.

Use geo-targeting to improve the effectiveness of ads and increase your income.



Rotating by Timer

Banners in this slot are changing every 20 seconds. The fade effect of rotation is provided by Ad Slider addon.

Auto Embedding


The automatic embedding of ads into the content of posts/pages and archives.

No, you still can use shortcodes, widgets and functions for display ads on the site. But don’t waste your time to using shortcodes. Use the plugin auto embedding tools for output ads.



Advertising Request


Each potential advertiser may submit a request to advertising using a special blog page.




Full Statistics


Full statistics. The site administrator receives statistics on the administrative page. Advertiser can view his statistics online on a special blog page.



Default Ad

This default ad of the slot (Place) linked to the Advertising Request page where potential advertiser can request placing ad on the site.

Google AdSense Page-level Ads


Both anchor/overlay and vignette page-level ads for mobile devices from Google Adsense are supported.




One Click Updating


The plugin can be updated just like any plugin installed from the repository WordPress. Just generate your personal token on Envato API site.




Extended License

for developers
  • Use in a single end product
  • Use in a free end product
  • Use in an end product that’s sold more than once
  • One license required per product