This is the list of Places created by you. Each Place can contain the list of Linked Ads.


Only single row selection allowed for these data grids.

Toolbar Buttons



delete-button – Permanently delete selected Place.

list-toolbar – Places filter. Show all, active (not in trash), in trash.

expand-all-button – Expand all. Show Linked Ads for all Places.

collapse-all-button – Collapse all. Hide Linked Ads for all Places.

refresh-button – Refresh grid data.

add-button – Create new Place.

edit-button – Edit selected Place.

link-button – Link ads from the list to selected Place.

trash-button – Move selected Place to the trash.

untrash-button – Remove selected Place from the trash.

Linked Ads


edit-button – Edit selected Linked Ad. You can edit only weight of Linked Ad.

save-button – Save changes.

cancel-button – Cancel changes.

unlink-button – Unlink (delete) selected Linked Ad.

edit-ad-button – Edit Ad linked to this Place by selected Linked Ad Object.

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