For the historical reasons some terms (definitions) of this plugin differs from the standard terminology, characteristic for plug-ins of this scope. We strongly recommend you read this article for a better understanding of the concept of the plugin.

Ad Object – any of the five objects of the plugin developed for storing specific data and display of advertisements on the site. These are Ad, Place, Linked Ad, Zone, Block.

Ad – this is the Ad Object that contains all properties of the advertisement required to display this ad on the pages of the site depending on the set of its own rules and conditions of the currently displayed page. This object along with the Place object  is one of the main objects of the SAM plugins.

Place (Ad Place) also known as Campaign – this is an Ad Object that is a virtual representation of the physical place on the page, which will show ads linked to this Place. This object includes all the properties and methods necessary for displaying and rotation of all attached ads. This is the main object of the SAM plugin that provides its functionality.

Linked Ad – This object stores information about the relation of object Ad and the parent object Place and also it stores information about the weight of the object Ad in the parent object Place. This is the only object that can not exist by itself, since it is associated with the parent object not only logically, but also physically. When you delete a parent object all child objects (Linked Ads, not Ads) will also be deleted. In the Simple Ads Manager plugin the Linked Ad object is not exists, the role of that object implicitly executes the object Ad.

Zone – this is an Ad Object that acts as a selector of Ads Places. What is it for? Each site can be divided into several virtual zones. For example, a site about the new books can be divided into the conditional zones for children, adolescents, adults and older readers. For each category of visitors is preferred to show a corresponding set of ads. The object Place allows you to solve this problem, but its solution is necessary to target each Ad. Object Zone allows to solve this problem based on the selective choice of a set of ads (Place) using defined rules.

Block – this Ad Object is acts as the collector. Simply put, it is a grid, each element of which is the output object of plugin (Place, Ad or Zone).

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