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These tools of the plugin will help you to safely migrate data from the Simple Ads Manager plugin, clear statistical data table and create and populate DB table of regions.


Migrate Data

If you use the plugin Simple Ads Manager, you can migrate all the data from this plugin into the SAM Pro Lite plugin.

The data structure of plugin Simple Ads Manager is different from the data structure of plugin SAM Pro Lite, thus you need to use this tool for safe migration of data.

Migrate Options – force migration of the plugin settings.

Migrate Data – force migration of the plugin main data (exclude statistics).

Migrate Statistical Data – force migration of the plugin statistical data.

Clear target tables before migrating data – It is highly recommended make migration of data into an empty tables of the plugin. Some part of source data can be lost during transfer process if target tables are not empty.

Select options you need and click “Migrate Data” button.


Create the DB table of regions and fill it with data.

If you want to use geo targeting you must create table of regions and fill it with data. Just click button “Fill Data“. If the table is not exists it will be created automatically.

Optionally you can recreate the table before filling data and clear the target table before filling data.

Clear Statistical Data

Reset Statistics – Clearing statistics outside the keeping period. Use this button in case of problems with the automatic cleaning of the statistics table. The data within the keeping period specified by the plugin parameters will not be affected by this action.

Remove Statistics – Complete removal of all statistical data from the statistics table.

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